Unsnoopable Messaging

Jun 20, 2017

Neomailbox founder and Chief Developer Ashish Gulhati today released a groundbreaking free software app for completely unsnoopable messaging.

The app - named "Unsnoopable" - is designed to run on air-gapped devices, and uses One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption, which is the only provably unbreakable encryption system.

Although OTP encryption is a simple and well-known technique, it has historically been impractical to implement because of the need for a large pre-shared key (the one-time pad) which must always be kept secure.

With the dramatic increases in memory density over the last two decades, it's now possible to store many GBs of OTPs on a tiny MicroSD card, which finally makes deploying OTP encryption quite convenient.

Although a one-time pad does need to be securely shared between correspondents beforehand, once this has been done, they can communicate in complete privacy with no concern about cryptographic weaknesses in the encryption protocol.

The combination of unbreakable encryption with an air-gapped device is what makes Unsnoopable completely invulnerable to all network based attacks. Unsnoopable is the first and only messaging app to offer complete and provable communications security.

While SSL and OpenPGP encryption offer strong encryption, they do have their limitations. PGP doesn't offer "forward secrecy" which means that captured PGP messages remain vulnerable to decryption years later if a key is leaked or cracked. Both SSL and OpenPGP involve enough complexity to contain numerous implementation bugs that may stay hidden for years. And both rely on cryptosystems secured by mathematical problems that are difficult, but not provably impossible, to solve.

All of which means that when you require absolute certainty of the privacy of your messaging, Unsnoopable is the only app that can provide it.

You can read more about Unsnoopable at unsnoopable.org.

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