Anonymous Surfing with Safari on Mac OS X

NOTE: On Macs, we recommend using the Firefox browser for Anonymous Surfing, rather than Safari. Recent versions of Safari seem to have a bug that make it unable to access secure (https://) sites through the NeoTunnel proxy. Safari also provides only very basic cookie management, which is a privacy risk in itself. We will publish more details about this soon. For the Install Guide for Firefox on Mac OS X, click here.

To get started using the NeoTunnel tunneling proxy service to surf the web securely and anonymously on a Mac running Apple OS X using Apple's Safari browser, follow these steps:

First, download the NeoTunnel installer by clicking the link below:

Download NeoTunnel Installer for OS X

Install the NeoTunnel software:

  1. Double click on the NeoTunnel.dmg file in your downloads folder (normally, the Desktop)

  2. A "NeoTunnel" disk will appear on the Desktop and in Finder windows. Open this disk by selecting it in Finder or double clicking on its icon on the Desktop.

  3. NOTE: This step must be performed by a user with Administrator privileges

    Double click on the "Install NeoTunnel" icon. An authorization window will appear, where you will be asked for your account password. Type in your account password and click "OK".

  4. Once the Installer is done, click "Quit".

  5. Eject the "NeoTunnel" volume by clicking on the small eject icon against the "NeoTunnel" item in a Finder window.

The NeoTunnel support software is now installed and initialized, and the secure tunnel will be automatically restarted whenever you restart your computer.

Now configure Safari to use the proxy as follows:

  1. Select Safari -> Preferences from the Safari main menu.

  2. In the window which appears click on the "Advanced" icon, and then on the "Change Settings..." button.

  3. The System Preferences panel for system-wide proxy settings will appear. Enable the check-boxes for "FTP Proxy", "Web Proxy (HTTP)" and "Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)".

    In each case set the Proxy Server fields to "" and "8080" and enable the checkbox for "Proxy server requires password".

    In the password pop-up that appears, enter your Neomailbox username in the "Account" field, and your Neomailbox control panel password in the "Password" field.

  4. If you would like to view some sites directly and not through the proxy, list them (one per line) in the "Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains:" field.

  5. Click the "Apply Now" button and close the preferences window.

  6. Now all your web requests from Safari (and also from any other application that uses the system-wide proxy settings, which many Mac programs do) will go through our SSL secured proxy and the results will be returned to you via the SSL secured channel.

    You will be asked to supply your Neomailbox username and control panel password when you begin browsing.

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