Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2013 for SSL IMAP / SMTP

To configure MS Outlook 2013 for SSL IMAP and SMTP access to your Neomailbox account, follow these steps:

Click on File at the top left of the Outlook window.

Click the "Add Account" button:

Fill in your Name and Neomailbox email address and IMAP password as in the example below, and click Next:

Outlook will now fetch the settings to Auto Configure your account:

It might take a little while for Outlook to fetch the configuration, during which it might become unresponsive. It may also prompt you to allow settings to be configured:

If you see this prompt, enable the "Don't ask me about this website again" checkbox and click Allow, as above. In a few moments you should see a message that your account is successfully configured:

You might want to change your "Full Name" as displayed in the "From:" header of outgoing messages (by default Outlook sets this to your username), so enable the Checkbox for "Change account settings" as above, and click Next.

In the "Your Name" field put in whatever name you'd like in the "From:" headers of outgoing messages and click Finish:

Outlook will test the configuration once again and print a message that all tests completed successfully. Click Close:

That's it. Outlook is now set up to send and receive mail securely via your Neomailbox account.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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