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When using Anonymous Surfing, I see google.ch rather than google.com. How can I avoid this?

If you go to http://www.google.com/ncr, Google will set a cookie so that there is No Country Redirect, and then when you type google.com, you will go to google.com.

Using NeoTunnel, will i be able to access SSL secured sites?

Yes, you can access SSL secured sites through our NeoTunnel anonymous surfing service. Your browser will be able to create a secure connection to the site you're visiting, just as it would if you were surfing directly and not using the NeoTunnel proxy.

Is there an option for private web browsing on iOS / Android devices?

NeoTunnel based Anonymous Surfing isn't currently available on iOS and Android devices (we're working on making it available ASAP) but you can still use our rewriting proxy, which is included with all Anonymous Surfing subscriptions and doesn't require any software downloads or configuration. However, because of the way the rewriting proxy works, it may not work perfectly with some sites that contain complex active content.

Why shouldn't I just use a free anonymous proxy?

There are plenty of free anonymous proxies on the Net. However, it would be a mistake to rely on any of these for any level of security or privacy.

The main reason is that it's usually impossible to know if a given free proxy is trustworthy or not. Many free proxies are set up by spammers, phishers, and even surveillance agencies, to try to steal user login data or profile your actions as you surf through the proxy. In addition, many free proxies, while not run by malicious operators, may not be very secure, which can again lead to your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

A well-reputed commercial service, on the other hand, has a commitment and contractual obligation to customer privacy, and a reputation to protect.

Free proxies are also favored for abuse by net criminals, which leads to them being quickly banned from many sites. A commercial service, in contrast, works hard to keep miscreants away, and protect its network from abuse. Other areas where free proxies can be far less than optimal are speed and reliability of service.

What is Anonymous Surfing?

Anonymous Surfing provides a means for you to surf the web without revealing personally identifiable information about yourself.

Normally, when you surf the web you can be tracked by websites you visit, using your unique "IP address". Your IP address provides a lot of information about you, including your ISP, country and city. When co-related with ISP records, your IP address can pinpoint your precise identity.

Your IP address also provides a target for spammers, malware and identity thieves, who can use it to attack and break in to your computer.

With our Anonymous Surfing services, you can surf the web without revealing your IP address to sites you visit. They will see the IP address of our servers, not of your computer. This provides a high level of security against tracking, profiling and break-in attempts against your computer.

Additionally, our Anonymous Surfing service also secures your web surfing with 256-bit SSL encryption, which secures your surfing traffic against eavesdropping by your employer, neighbors, ISPs, and local authorities.

Another benefit of our Anonymous Surfing service is that it can help circumvent locally imposed censorship. Surfing using our service you will be able to access any sites that may be blocked or censored at your location.

Using Anonymous Surfing, is any of the data transferred visible to my ISP?

All data exchanged between your computer and the NeoTunnel servers is encrypted before being put on the wire to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), so your ISP can't access or read any of the data stream between your computer and our servers, or track which sites you are visiting.

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