To protect yourself, your family and your organization from the serious and growing risks of profiling, identity theft and privacy invasion online you need strong security for your email.

Neomailbox has been providing secure and reliable email services for over 16 years, enabling thousands of individuals and organizations to protect their privacy online.

Sign up for a risk-free account to enjoy a safer and more private Internet experience today.


An email infrastructure designed with multi-level security to protect and defend your critical communications.


Use your own domain name for your email, and enable flexible messaging for your organization, free from ads and distractions.

Unlimited Addresses

Every Neomailbox account includes unlimited disposable email addresses, so you can vanish from spammers' sights whenever you like.


Unlimited aliases, SSL and OpenPGP encryption, and IP address protection put you in control of your information.

Easy to Use

Our step-by-step install guides make setup a breeze, and the service is designed to provide an intuitive user experience.

Offshore Hosted

All our Offshore Secure Email accounts are hosted in Switzerland, an independent and high privacy jurisdiction.

"[T]ruly is a viable alternative to Gmail. I highly recommend it."

~ Nerd Business

"Neomailbox is a well-reviewed email and IM service."

~ The Dallas Morning News

"If you want it all, this deal is hard to beat."

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